10 Things All Parents Need To Know About Pokémon Cards

The continued interest in Pokémon has been nothing short of amazing. This is hard to fathom for many people who are over 50, but the Pokémon craze is now in its fourth decade. It is also now on the verge of entering its third generation of kids. What is equally puzzling to many parents is what all the rage is about. There are many things all parents need to know about Pokémon cards as these kids-game cards can be quite valuable.

It has become undeniable that collectibles have matured into an alternative class. High-end collectibles can sell for thousands of dollars, or they can sell for millions of dollars. This means that capital which may have been invested into stocks, bonds or real estate is being spent on collectibles. Another undeniable fact is that collectors are frequently having to compete directly against investors buying collectibles solely to make a profit.

Collectors Dashboard has created a list of ten things that every parent needs to understand about Pokémon cards. Many of those first cards from the late-1990s and more recently were much more than “just a kids game.” These have become major investments within the collectibles universe, and there are some instances where sales prices have been in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This list of 10 things to understand about Pokémon cards is certainly not the only 10 things to know about Pokémon cards. The list is also not ranked in any specific order, and we have linked to some core materials if more details are needed.

1. Treat the cards as the investment they are with cleanliness. Teach your children to wash their hands before handling the cards. Removing potentially thousands of dollars in value from a greasy cheese pizza lunch is a very real reality. And don’t dare let those cards anywhere close to their mouth.

2. Have the cards put into protective cases or sleeves. Many different styles with fun Pokémon themes can be found on Amazon and elsewhere. If the cards you are playing with end up with value in the years ahead they will at least be protected.

3. Cards that seem plain must be kept in the best potential grade. Pikachu is the most recognizable name for those who know nothing about Pokémon or the franchise. Collectors Dashboard has highlighted and tracked high prices paid for cards that otherwise seem common to an untrained eye.

4. Gotta catch ’em all is a popular catch phrase in the television show but here are recent eBay sales of complete sets of various editions.

5. Charizard still rules in Pokémon sales as described in this Collectors Dashboard analysis. Treat any encounter with the big red lizard as a card whose name has sold in the six-figure price range. Newer cards are not going to be worth what the 1990s cards are worth, but Charizard is a card that will command a premium.

6. Promotional cards that a child might bring home from a card tournament or that you remember they received ahead of Pokémon the movie sell for premiums. Pikachu Illustrator cards were given out to the winners of the CoroCoro Comic Illustration Contest in January 1998. They were valued up to $195,000 according to

7. The rarest Pokémon in the Game is named Mewtwo. A child will speak with reverence from encountering the character in the game. The card might easily fund your next family vacation according these recent eBay sales.

8. Here are the names of the original starting Pokémon to know when Ash the main character begins his training journey in the video game. There are three Pokémon to choose from to start the game and they all ultimately evolve into Blastoise, Charizard, or Venusaur. These three cards should be noticed in any form card. And don’t forget about Pikachu!

9. McDonald’s released Pokémon cards that were only available with a happy meal. If you need to be taught that they are valuable here are the eBay sales of those cards.

10. Understanding the game and background is easier than you think. The Pokémon U.S. site even offers a parents’ crash course to get more details if you have to learn how to play and understand Pokémon in short order. Here are 15 weird and interesting factoids about Pokémon to be a parent in-the-know of the video game and cards their child is consumed by.

There is one last issue that can always be considered if you find yourself frustrated. It has nothing to do with the cards, but it’s at least a way to drive your kids into a frenzy. All you have to do is refer to Pokémon as Poke-Man. At least you can get some entertainment even if what might have been valuable has been mangled and rendered worthless.