Beware PSA 10 Michael Jordan Rookie Prices That Are Too Good to Be True!

High-end sports collectors know by now that there are very few “great deals” when it comes to prices in the so-called “Grail” cards. When news was out that a 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan rookie graded as a PSA 10 sold for under $200,000 it seemed far too low. It was supposed to be the highest sale price ever on the MySlabs platform. But what happens when a sale price is too good to be true?

Seeing a card sell for $175,000 may not be cheap by any means. It turns out to be dirt cheap if it is a genuine PSA 10 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan rookie. Now this sale has been voided as MySlabs has issued new information regarding this exact PSA certification number.

This sale seemed way too low when it was announced. A recent eBay transaction showed a sale for $213,628.35 on May 7, 2022, but PSA 10 Jordan rookies generally sell on closed auctions via the top auction houses. A look into recent auction house sales of the prized Gem Mint PSA 10 at the PSA price history were seen as follows:

  • 2/28/2022 for $288,000.00 via Heritage Auctions
  • 1/30/2022 for $285,896.40 via Lelands/The MINT25 Auction
  • 10/27/2021 for $369,000.00 via Goldin Auctions
  • 10/6/2021 for $336,000.00 via Goldin Auctions
  • 8/31/2021 for $295,200.00 via Goldin Auctions

These sales may not capture every single auction house transaction, and they certainly do not capture any private transaction between dealers and/or between private collectors. Either way, a sub-$200,000 price ($175,000) was a red flag.

A MySlabs tweet said — After comparing images provided by the seller with images in PSA’s sold archive for that cert number we felt that there was enough evidence to suspend the sale in an effort to protect the buyer. As far as exactly what’s wrong or not wrong, that’s now between PSA and the seller.

Here are two other images that have since been posted.