Does Elon Musk Have a Rookie Card?

Elon Musk is no stranger to the public. He’s now more well-known than Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and even Steve Jobs. And he’s now even more controversial than ever after completing his $40+ billion acquisition of Twitter, Inc. Some people might be surprised about the firings and the changes at Twitter. It seems that people have forgotten about what occurs with a changing of ownership at founder sales or hostile takeovers. Either way, they hobby of sports collectibles and other collectibles has a play on Elon Musk.

It turns out that Elon Musk has collector cards of sorts. A simple “Elon Musk PSA” search on eBay shows that there are multiple cards of Musk. What their true value happens to be remains up to you.

These are some photos of “Elon Musk cards” that are available on eBay and elsewhere. Is there really an Elon Musk rookie card?


And finally, Heritage Auctions has a $1 bill signed by Elon with a Dogecoin reference…and the last bid was $2,700…

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