Fred McGriff Sales Data Thru the Roof, But…

If anyone is looking for any additional proof that Hall of Fame announcements do matter to the sports collectibles hobby, Fred McGriff’s securing the necessary votes is yet again proof. If you look up eBay’s “Fred McGriff Rookie” search and items sold, there were more than 500 sales from December 4 to the last look on December 6.

That’s technically less than 48 hours. This will further just show how little demand had been in place for Fred McGriff cards prior to the Hall of Fame announcement.

To be clear, this includes both the Sold and Completed items in eBay’s sales history data which also includes “Auction’ and “Buy It Now” formats. If you go back to December 3, 2022, eBay’s data for “Fred McGriff Rookie” has 30 of the recorded sales (some for just a few dollars). The eBay results from December 2 were just 18 results.

And now if you go back to the prior Saturday and Sunday’s Auction and “Buy It Now” results from November 26 & 27 combined — eBay’s total sold and completed sales for actual Fred McGriff cards were just 19 sales spread over the two days.

5 examples of the 1986 Donruss card have also sold on the PWCC Marketplace’s live fixed price offerings as well. PWCC’s last Fred McGriff sale under the live and auction listings was back on October 16, 2022 (preceded by 10/9/2022, 9/25/2022, and 9/19/2022).

Tracking the actual price data is still not completed, but the Sports Card investor database showed a 15% price increase in the last 30 days for the 1986 Donruss Fred McGriff card. Not bad for a card that most collectors have ignored or likely couldn’t even name as the true rookie card.

It goes without saying that if you somehow had piles of Fred McGriff cards laying around that you were able to score a significant premium around the Hall of Fame voting news versus the days and weeks ahead of the news. The image below has been provided by PWCC Marketplace.

Fred McGriff rookie