Glengoyne Single Cask 36-Year Old Whisky, For Collectors & Investors Alike

October is the first month to fire up the fireplace, and to many people that also means it’s time sit in that familiar leather chair and sip on a fine whisky. This brings up the newest release of a die-hard collector’s whisky — The Glengoyne Russell Family Cask and its 36 years of aging.

According to the distiller, this classic Glengoyne single malt is at its peak. It took 36 years to develop its deep color and deep oak richness… all “without overpowering Glengoyne’s glorious, sweet, fruity spirit.” The release further noted:

“The Russell Family Cask is a Glengoyne Single Cask personally selected by the 3 generations of the IMD owners – Peter, Leonard and Tom. The 36 Year Old Refill Sherry Butt is decadent and rewarding with a long finish showing the cask and spirit in harmony after over 36 years in our warehouses. A very limited release of only 402 bottles of one of Glengoyne’s oldest whiskies ever released.”

Collectors Dashboard evaluates collectibles as an alternative asset class. This means collectibles are attracting the same capital that could have been invested into stocks or bonds. Many collectibles now cost thousands of dollars (or much more) — and this whisky fight right within that bill. Collectors with a passion to own a collectible for years frequently have to compete directly against investors for the exact same asset whose only desire is to make a profit in the future.

The The Glengoyne Russell Family Cask of 36 year old whisky release has been limited to 402 bottles. It is listed for £3,500.00 each (about $4,830.00 plus some change in U.S. dollars). The release notes are below.

  • Cask Type: Sherry Butt
  • Nose: Light strawberry and lime sherbet, gentle mint, lemon meringue pie, stewed apples, coconut, sweet cinnamon and leather.
  • Palate: Silky and rich, creamy with a charming dustiness with tropical fruits, dried banana chips and chocolate cherry.
  • Finish: Rich, gently sherried and spicy.

As far as what else is offered, there are many precious bottles of fine scotch whisky to choose from at the distillery’s site. They offer a 21 years old Highland single malt for as little as £54.99 — or you can go back up in the price brackets here in their fine and rare category:

  • Glengoyne 30 Year Old Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky for £800.00
  • Glengoyne 50 Years Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky for £22,500.00

The Glengoyne family motto for their whisky is: every minute savoured every hour appreciated. The 36 years invested by the distiller is passed down to the true whisky aficionado, who also may be a fine whisky collector and also a whisky investor. The season for a glass of whisky is here, or this can be stored as an invested asset… if you can resist that bottle ever so softly calling your name to come try just one sip.

(Image by Glengoyne.com)

Glengoyne 36 year family cask