Happy T206 Day!!! Get It?

Sometimes dates and numbers just all come together perfectly. It’s February 6 and the day of the week starts with a “T” — as in TODAY of course. You know what that makes, right? It’s Happy T206 DAY!!!!!!!

Sometimes #TheHobby is just all about fun. Here is a shot for anyone to share their T206 card and the backstory behind it.

Feel free to send in any pictures of YOUR PERSONAL T206 CARDS. Send to editor at collectorsdashboard dot com and we will get it posted for you. Please make a note here — If you want your name on it say “Permission to use my name is granted.” Otherwise I post without the name and without the story behind it.

Again… Please share your story and attach you name to it if you want it out there. Otherwise the only post that goes up is a cropped photo without the grade and serial number showing. Enjoy!!!!!

Here is my story, please share yours!

My personal favorite is the T206 “batting” cards of Napoleon Lajoie and of Ty Cobb. These are not at all the most expensive cards in the T206 set. To me they are just the two most visually stunning cards that the American Tobacco Company issued. I was dumb enough to sell my Lajoie (PSA 2) in a trade night event at the 2021 National #NSCC21 and I finally managed to get my upgrade to the PSA 4. It took months of searching and losing in auctions. Tyrus, don’t worry. I learned my lesson and I won’t put you on the block ever (even if I get the chance to upgrade). The 2 is just visually stunning, and the only issue is 1cm max of paper loss on the back red lines surrounding the Sweet Caporal sign.

Image preview

From Ian T with permission (@Tsupi13)… Happy (T)2/06 Day! Let’s see your favorite t206 in your collection. Mine is probably HOFer Ed Walsh. Holds the record for lowest career ERA with 1.82. Won 40 games in 1908 (45% of his teams total wins!) pitching 464 innings with a 1.42 ERA.



Another Ed Walsh… with a rare back….T206 Ed Walsh El Principe De Gales graded by SGC.

Congrats to the true GAIL buyer. SCP Auctions sold a PSA “GENUINE” T206 Honus Wagner. The second card ever graded by PSA under its population tab. The price of $475,960 after buyer’s premium is because barely half of the card is there. This may sound dangerous to say or predict, but this may be the only T206 Honus Wagner under $1 million!


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