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Horage Brings U.S. Olympic Biathlon Team Watch for Collectors

Swiss watch making and limited edition are two expressions that can perk up watch collectors’ ears. February is still the dead of winter in most of the United States and many people around the world are warm inside watching the Beijing Winter Games. This is an unusual story of a Swiss luxury watch brand, the Olympics and the U.S. Biathlon program all culminating into a unique luxury watch.

The U.S. Biathlon team relies heavily on donors and sponsor support for training and to ultimately get the team to the games. This is the combined cross-country skiing and rifle shooting event. The biathlon is said to be the most popular televised winter sport in Europe and can attract crowds as large as 40,000 people at the events.

Here’s a way for watch collectors to directly contribute to a specific United States Biathlon athlete. As the XXIV Olympic Winter Games continue until February 20, 2022, Horage has partnered with US Biathlon to create a limited-edition watch that honors both the 2022 Winter Team athletes and the program as a whole.

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US Biathalon Swiss Watch

Pre-orders started on February 3, 2022 and end on February 22, 2022. The watch orders will then ship in Summer 2022 as each piece is made to order. Production quantity is based on the total pre-orders placed with a maximum of 100 pieces.

Pricing is 2,500 CHF (inclusive of tax, duties & shipping). 2,500 CHF Swiss Franc equates to about $2,704.00 to the American collector. Horage outlines the options that each watch comes with one of two options for the watch design.

  • The first option is an exhibition sapphire crystal engraved with athlete autograph of customer choice and 2022 Winter Olympian. Athletes’ signatures to choose from are: Clare Egan, Susan Dunklee, Sean Doherty, Jake Brown, Paul Schommer & Leif Nordgen.
  • The second option is customers can opt for the US Biathlon logo and 2022 Winter Team. The specific competitor will receive a portion of the donation from the sale. If you select the US Biathlon 2022 Winter Team engraving, the entire donation will be distributed evenly amongst the team.

The bracelet is stainless steel and has two NATO watch straps. The dial is Biathlon loupe inspired white with US Biathlon logo at 12 o’clock and HORAGE at 3 o’clock applied indices with Super-LumiNova and a special groomed course pattern on the bottom half of the dial. The crystal itself is a 5 layer anti-reflective coated sapphire crystal.

It seems to be a rare moment when 50 percent of the profits from a Swiss made watch go directly to support the American Winter Olympic Team. Horage expresses that over the years the company has garnered a close connection to the team and their shared stories of overcoming obstacles that seem greater than oneself strongly resonate with themselves as a company. This watch is an opportunity to be a big part of a very close knit organization and a luxury Swiss watchmaker.