Meet the NFT Launch for LeBron James, Space Jam and Looney Tunes

The virtual world and real world of non-fungible tokens remains elusive to many collectors. These NFTs have seen a surge of interest in 2021, but the surge from the first quarter of 2021 has seen more spotty transactions than the massive sales reported earlier in 2021. That may be the drop in cryptocurrency prices. That may also be that many collectors refuse to accept the notion that unique lines of code make an asset class.

What about LeBron James and the Space Jam movie franchise in a new partnership with Nifty’s, Inc. and Warner Brothers? Will a series of NFTs regarding this aspect of digitization of assets attract buyers? Better yet, is it really even meant to other than to drive more movie and merchandise sales?

Along with this launch was an announcement that of a $10 million investment in Nifty’s seed round. While Warner Bros. is an impressive name to add, there are more names participating here.The industry players getting behind the company are Samsung Next, Palm NFT Studio, HENI, Coinbase Ventures, Topps, Forerunner Ventures, Dapper Labs, A&T Capital, and BBTV Holdings. Pre-seed investors were so said to have increased their allocations: Polychain Capital, Ethereal Ventures, Liberty City Ventures, and Draper Dragon Fund.

Regardless of what each collector enjoys to collect, some assets are just worth more to some people than others.

A company names Nifty’s, Inc. has announced the official launch of the first social NFT platform dedicated to bringing digital collectibles to mainstream audiences. The new venture is at and the company announced that it has a partnership with Warner Bros. to introduce limited-edition NFTs featuring characters from the action/animated film Space Jam: A New Legacy.

Space Jam is effectively a film that has LeBron James alongside the Looney Tunes characters. According to Nifty’s, this is one of the first major motion pictures to employ digital collectible technology. The company also sees this as setting a precedent for the use of NFTs by leading global brands, artists and creators to deeply engage with their most passionate fans.

The launch was just 4 days ahead of the Space Jam U.S. theatrical release in theaters and on HBO Max. Nifty’s further noted that it will be available on HBO Max for 31 days from release.

For the offering, Warner will award one limited edition NFT to each individual who registers on the Nifty’s site and visits the film’s gallery to claim it. That offer is at least said to be “while supplies last.” The Warner and Nifty’s offering also said that fans will get a chance to earn a second NFT by sharing a social media post about the collection.

As for the NFT series, it will feature LeBron James and 8 Looney Tunes “Tune Squad” characters. Each NFT will have two-dimensional and three-dimensional versions, and there are said to be 5 levels of rarity. According to the release, rewards will be randomized and include all levels of rarity. This will include a chance to receive one of the 10 versions of each NFT. Collectors can purchase additional NFTs individually for $2.99 each with a randomized assignment of character and rarity.

As the economist Milton Friedman would have effectively said, “money is worth what people think it is worth.” That’s true in collectibles as well. It is always acceptable to disagree about what is a good investment or a bad investment, and that decision is up to you. There is even an argument that can be made that NFTs pose a risk to hard asset collectibles as well.

There are thousands of U.S. companies trade stock every day of the week. If you take a poll, most people would likely argue that half or more of the companies have no value at all. Yet many people still trade their stocks. That’s called a market.

Whether these collectibles will have any value ahead as an investment remains to be seen. Again, that is up to you and others to decide.