New $10 Million+ Record-Breaking Michael Jordan Jersey Sale

There may be some softness in the sports collectibles market (at least in modern cards) in 2022, but you would not know that looking at some of the so-called “Grail” and “GOAT” collectibles that are scarce or unique. According to the Sotheby’s results page, a Michael Jordan 1998 NBA Finals game worn jersey for ‘The Last Dance’ in Game 1 just completely blew through the estimates.

Sotheby’s had a stated estimate range of $3,000,000.00 to $5,000,000.00 for the jersey. It sold for $10.91 million!

This particular sale was said that this jersey would be accompanied by a photo-match certificate from The MeiGray Group to signify the game use. Jordan’s jersey also came with a graded copy of a June 1998 Sports Illustrated featuring the same jersey on the cover.

Full details are available on the Sotheby’s dedicated site and the image here is from Sotheby’s.

This now puts the Jordan jersey as the highest sale for a game-worn jersey but there needs to be some tallying up and a few other auctions need to end before it is ranked as the official highest for 2022 and prior years.

Sotheby’s previously sold Michael Jordan Earliest Known Regular Season Nike shoes as game worn and signed Air Ships back on October 24, 2021 for a $1,472,000.00 price.

Another sale that now looks and feels like a steal based on the high dollar amount is a Michael Jordan Signed Air Jordan XI ‘Columbia’ sold by Sotheby’s with an Attribution of Wear by MEARS. That sold for $16,380.00 on April 6, 2022.