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New Zenith Chronomaster Sport Watch, Down to 1/10th of a Second

Swiss luxury watches usually need little introduction. However sure that statement can be the year 2022 has a new notch for all watches to meet. Faster, sleeker and sportier than ever… Zenith introduces a new version of the manufacturers most renowned movement, dubbed the El Primero 3600 Calibre measuring 1/10th of a second. The world functions on photo finish races and evolves from realities that require the extreme measurement of moments.

Collectors Dashboard evaluates high-end collectibles as an alternative asset class. This means collectibles are attracting the same capital that could have been invested into stocks or bonds. Spending $10,000 om a watch is an investment whether the capital would have ended up in the markets or not.

The price for this new watch is 9900 CHF with a metal bracelet and 9400 CHF with a Cordura Effect Bracelet. On January 24, 2022 the USD price was $10,823.32 and $10,276.68 converted from the Swiss Franc.

The 41 mm diameter is composed of stainless steel with black ceramic bezel. The water resistance is 10 ATM which is equivalent to 100 meters/330 feet. The hour markers and hands of the watch are rhodium-plated, faceted and coated with superluminova SLN C1, while the dial itself is white matte with three different applied colored counters.

Zenith Chronomaster

Zenish introduced their latest watch, The Chronomaster Sport, in this way:

“Some of life’s most decisive moments happen in a fraction of a second. A tight race towards the finish line, a perfectly struck ball scoring a goal, or even an instinctive decision at the crossroads of life, these instances are what shape the future. Zenith accompanies those who are always on the move towards achieving their dreams with an equally fast-paced chronograph: the new Chronomaster Sport collection, capable of measurements with an accuracy of 1/10th of a second.”