One-Cent Magenta, World’s Most Valuable Stamp, Now Up for Fractional Ownership

Fractional ownership is not exactly a new idea on the surface. What will be new is that the world’s most valuable stamp, the prized One-Cent Magenta, is currently up for individuals to own pieces of it via fractional ownership. And no — they aren’t literally taking it apart into pieces. By weight it’s the most valuable item in the world. Now it’s available for fractional ownership on Showpiece in a partnership with Stanley Gibbons.

The boy who first found and saved the stamp for his own collection could not have dreamed up what it has become. Again, it’s the most valuable stamp in the world.

Stanley Gibbons has revolutionized stamp collecting and rocketed the hobby into the modern world of ownership. Fractional Ownership is not as new a concept as NFTs but for the investor it’s a comfortable segway into this modern world.

Collectors Dashboard evaluates high-end collectibles as an alternative asset class. The same capital that could have been invested into stocks or bonds is being used to buy high-end collectibles. True stamp collectors (philatelists) will have a deep passion to own the world’s most expensive stamp. Those who are investing in it may enjoy the passion and the bragging rights, but many of the collectibles investors are solely buying an asset to sell at a later date with a goal of making a profit.

The 1c Magenta has sold 49,325 pieces as of November 12, 2021 (mid-day) at a price of $133.94 cents per piece. There were 30,675 pieces of the stamp still available to investors on last look.

Back in September Collectors Dashboard wrote that the fractional ownership concept for the world’s rarest stamp was nearly ready. That day is here, and we responded to the early access invite sent to us by email by deciding to participate in the offering personally.

One Cent Magenta stamp

Showpiece’s new investors are channeled through the history of the stamp and answers to frequently asked questions as a comforting guide to the checkout line. One fact that’s displayed in graph form on the website is that this one-of-its-kind stamp has broken the world record for a single stamp on four different. Its most recent sale was for $8,307,000.00.

  • Here are the listed benefits of ownership according to Showpiece in partnership with Stanley Gibbons:Legal beneficial title
  • Pro-rata share of proceeds
  • Voting rights for each piece
  • Certificate of ownership

Here is the written response from to the question: will I receive physical proof of ownership?

“Following the purchase of a Showpiece you will receive legal documentation declaring your beneficial ownership, as well as a digital certificate indicating the number of pieces you hold. Both will be available for you to print.

Furthermore, those who purchase over 10 Pieces of the 1c Magenta can request that the documentation be printed and posted to them in hardcopy form.

In future, we plan to add an ‘Owners Only Shop’ where owners of a particular Showpiece will be able to purchase physical products that are exclusive to its owners. Current plans include items such as a high-quality printed certificate and a framed proof of ownership display that can be placed on your wall.”

Here is the written response from to the question asking are Stanley Gibbons intending to sell all 80,000 pieces?

“No. Consistent with the concept of democratisation, Stanley Gibbons want to make this opportunity available to all, however, as the world’s leading stamp dealer they also want to retain a meaningful economic interest in the 1c Magenta for the foreseeable future.

Also in keeping with the concept of democratisation, Stanley Gibbons do not aim to retain a majority stake in the stamp and therefore will make 51% of the pieces in the 1c Magenta available for general sale.

Additionally, Stanley Gibbons will not vote on any buyout offer made for the stamp thus allowing the individual owners to decide, as per the terms of purchase, whether to accept an offer or not.”

We at Collectors Dashboard have no idea if we made a good investment yet. Some fractional ownership offerings have performed great, and the world’s most expensive stamp has never been owned in this fashion. For the record, both I and the owner of Collectors Dashboard took a nibble of this stamp.

The fact is the stamp is now available for anyone who would like to participate in fractional ownership of the One-Cent Magenta. Who could resist even just a nibble of the rarest stamp in the world?