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Rafael Nadal NFTs… Or a (Maybe) Signed Rafa Tennis Racquet!

Rafael Nadal is by many counts the greatest male tennis player of them all. Comparing modern era players to some of the older players is not an apples-to-apples comparison, but either way Nadal has a place among history’s greatest tennis players. Nadal has won more Grand Slam titles than any other man (22!). Collectors have a serious issue when it comes to owning Nadal cards and memorabilia — there just are not very many different options and variations out there for collectors. That 2003 NETPRO Elite Glossy card that is limited to /100 has been selling for over $10,000 in the perfect PSA 10 grade, while other PSA 10 and PSA 9 cards routinely sell for under $1,000.

Combining sports and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) is not exactly a new concept, and there are some risks about the potentiality of a player or a platform creating limitless numbers of them.

Now NFT collectors will get a chance at Rafael Nadal NFTs, and with a tangible twist. Autograph is dropping the 22 collectible of Nadal with only has 22 editions. The twist is that users who hold the 22 NFT at the activation deadline (June 29) will be eligible to receive a signed racquet from Rafael Nadal.

The Autograph blog shows the drop start dates, what editions and how many of each one are being offered from The Rafael Nadal Collection, which has been included below.