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Spider-Man’s Amazing Fantasy #15 Set for New All-Time Record Price

Most serious comic book collectors know that the true Spider-Man #1 is actually his first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15. With a movie reboot coming, get ready for one of the most iconic comic book auctions of 2021. Spider-Man’s true first appearance is going to break a new all-time record and $2 million may be in the cards here.

Heritage Auctions is offering one of just three 9.6 graded Amazing Fantasy #15 CGC NM+ 9.6 with off-white pages. Heritage Auctions describe this moment in their auction history as one of the most desirable comic books they have ever offered. This issue in this grade is more than just a rare comic.

According to Heritage Auctions, collectors have reached out in each year about the opportunity to own a CGC 9.6 issue of Amazing Fantasy #15. This is what is likely to drive a record sale price. Heritage’s answer — “Well, now we do and so do you — this is your chance!”

Collectors Dashboard evaluates collectibles as an alternative asset class. The same capital that could have been invested into stocks or bonds is being used to buy high-end collectibles. True sports collectors and hobbyists have a passion to own certain cards or memorabilia for quite a long time. The investor class in collectibles is solely buying an asset to sell at a later date for a profit. This keeps collectors and investors in a constant battle for who can win in auctions.

Comic book collectors and investors know that the Amazing Fantasy #15 will command more than exponential prices higher than Spider-Man #1.

The Heritage Auctions description says:

This is an image we think you’ll be staring at for some time, and we certainly did the same. The cover is a familiar sight, but with nary a blemish, chip, or color break? That’s a remarkable sight indeed. This issue had what is surely the best-known Marvel story — the many movie adaptations have seen to that — and one of the best-known origin stories in the entire comic book medium, featuring Peter Parker gaining his spider-powers and the death of his beloved Uncle Ben. That story was by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, and the unforgettable cover was by Jack Kirby. Spider-Man was such a hit that he was next seen in his own book, Amazing Spider-Man #1, and the rest was history.

The Current bid stands at $1,650,000 after 35 bids. At this time, there were 544 people tracking the issue and it has seen 11,915 page views. According the website GoCollect, which is a powerful tool in tracking the progress of sales and comic book issues, the current Heritage 9.6 has broken the listed value for a 9.6 issue of $1,600,000. The theoretical value of a 9.8 example (which isn’t known to exist) is $2,300,000 but this could alter that handily.

Collectors Dashboard notes that with the auction not ending until September 12 that this is a very exciting opportunity to follow along the comic book history that is happening with each new bid. With a new movie for Spider-Man: No Way Home coming up, even the newest reboot Edge of Spider-Verse is seeing sky-high prices.

Back in 2016, Heritage’s 9.4 example of the Amazing Fantasy #15 sold for $454,100 at auction. The actual Amazing Spider-Man #1 (curator pedigree) from 1963 sold for $262,900 in a 2016 auction as well.

(Image provided by Heritage Auctions)

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