The Walking Dead Valuations: Negan’s Bat vs. Daryl’s Motorcycle

The Walking Dead has been one of the most successful television programs of all-time. For zombies and for post-apocalypse genres, the most successful ever. And it’s coming to an end. Well, not counting upcoming expectations of The Walking Dead on the big screen cinema releases. And The Walking Dead has become a big target for the collectibles market as well. And not just comic books either.

Goldin has finished an online auction featuring 2022 AMC’s The Walking Dead Auction loaded full of set props and the 107 items up for auction ranged in prices starting around $1,000.00 up to above $50,000.00. Collectors Dashboard evaluates high-end collectibles as an alternative asset class. Let’s just say that movie props auctioning in the thousands of dollars and tens of thousands of dollars easily fit withing the theme of high-end collectibles.

Your favorite Walking Dead characters all had key pieces of easily recognizable clothing, accessories and set props up for grabs in the Goldin auction. Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Negan, Carl, Alpha, Carol, Michonne and so on. The two highest priced items in this auction were lots 1 and 2, which pitted Negan’s bat Lucille against Daryl’s old Honda CB 750 Nighthawk motorcycle. Guess which one priced out the highest.

Images presented are from for each auction.

Lot #2 was Negan’ Production-Used bullet-struck Hero Lucille bat and it fetched $51,600.00 after 34 bids. This 34″ bat was the bat that has the embedded round fired by Rosita in TWD Episode 8 of Season 7 when she was trying to kill Negan. The then-villain’s bat came with a Letter of Authentication from AMC attesting to its screen use.

Lot #1 was Daryl’s production-used 1992 Honda CB 750 Nighthawk Motorcycle used in seasons 5-8. Daryl of course used multiple motorcycles during the full series, but the motorcycle was about as much of Daryl as his crossbow. This beat up 1992 Honda CB 750 Nighthawk finished with a final price of $32,400.00 after 24 bids. Goldin’s description noted that the bike was based on a 1992 Honda CB 750 Nighthawk and custom built by Classified Moto. It also began in the series as a half-built project sitting in Aaron and Eric’s garage in Season 5 and it was ultimately abandoned in the Season 8 episode “Do Not Send Us Astray” prior to the Season 9 time-jump. The bike also came with an LOA from AMC.

It might seem odd that a bat would be worth more than a motorcycle, but not after you think about how collectibles work. What’s easier to mail — a bat or a motorcycle? What would need different insurance and maintenance in time – a bat or a motorcycle? What do you need more dedicated space for — a bat or a motorcycle?

The motorcycle’s winning bidder also has to make arrangements for picking up the motorcycle in Atlanta and then transported to wherever the winner wants it to go.