The Walking Dead Weapons Prices Crush More Than Zombies in Auction

The Walking Dead has been one of the most successful television programs of all-time. Some of the weapons used in this post-apocalypse zombie hit are going to be recognizable for many years to come. As the televised series is expected to become The Walking Dead on the big screen cinema releases, the market for The Walking Dead’s collectibles has expanded far beyond comic books and NFTs.

Goldin has finished an online auction featuring 2022 AMC’s The Walking Dead Auction. Your favorite Walking Dead characters all had key pieces of easily recognizable clothing, accessories and props up for grabs in the Goldin auction. Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Negan, Carl, Alpha, Carol, Michonne and so on. The event was loaded full of weapons used as set props with final sale prices in the $1,000 to even above $50,000.00 range.

Collectors Dashboard evaluates high-end collectibles as an alternative asset class. Let’s just say that movie props auctioning in the thousands of dollars and tens of thousands of dollars easily fit withing the theme of high-end collectibles.

Here are just the top ten weapons sales from The Walking Dead. Images provided by for this and prices are represented as with buyer’s premium.

The highest priced item in the entire auction was Lot #2 as Negan’ Production-Used bullet-struck Lucille bat. It fetched $51,600.00 after 34 bids. This 34″ bat was the bat that has the embedded round fired by Rosita in TWD Episode 8 of Season 7 when she was trying to kill Negan. The then-villain’s bat (and all items below) are accompanied by a Letter of Authentication from AMC attesting to their screen use.

2) Lot #6 was a Michonne Production-Used Hero Katana with Scabbard from her first appearance in Season 2, Episode 13. It fetched $19,200.00 after 30 bids.

3) Lot #34 was a Rick Grimes production-used Stunt Rubber Red-Handled Machete with a final price of $10,800.00 after 57 bids.

4) Lot #28 was a Dead Daryl Production-Used Stunt Rubber Stryker Crossbow with a final price of $9,660.00 after 39 bids.

5) Lot #30 was another Negan bat, but this was the production-used Lucille stunt rubber bat which was also 34″ like the real production bat. It fetched a $9,600.00 final price after 30 bids.

6) Lot #4 was a Rick Grimes production-used Rubber Colt Python Stunt Revolver with a final price of $9,600.00 after 32 bids.

7) Lot #76 was a Rick Grimes production-used Stunt Rubber Hatchet which fetched $7,200 after 51 bids.

8) Lot #17 was a Negan Production-Used Airsoft Gun with a price of $5,220 after 32 bids.

9) Lot #27 was a Daryl production-used Stunt Rubber Horton Crossbow (with arrows and a case) from Episode 15 in Season 10. This fetched $5,206 after 32 bids.

10) Lot #11 was a Morgan production-used Morgan Stunt Rubber Staff used in Season 6 with a $3,900.00 final price after 28 bids.

If the numbers are complete and accurately represented, that’s a tally of $131,986.00 for just the top 10 weapons counted.