Using Sports Cards to Change Halloween

Halloween is perhaps one of the most fun national events in America. Trick or treaters get to dress up in costumes along with parents and adults. And they get to load up on candy. The problem with this is that we as a nation are already heavy enough and already have more than enough health issues to worry about that all that sugar will only make worse.

So… Why not recycle all of those old baseball, football, basketball and hockey cards! It turns out that all you need are thin plastic bags or even envelopes to grab a stack of cards to insert. Presto. A new Halloween treat. No sugar, zero calories. All fun!

This is something I have done for some time now after breaking down baseball and football sets from the 1980s and 1990s. Most of the cards from each set have been left in there so that the kids aren’t only getting the common cards of the Junk Wax Era. It also helps with those bulk purchases when there are countless cards left over that you just don’t have any good solution for other than in a box under the bed (or the trash can).

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This of course does not mean you have to leave the super-star and rookie cards for the kids out trick or treating, but if a card is worth $0.25 or $0.50 will you ever actually be able to unlock that value? If these cards are worth this now, they probably aren’t going to be worth much more a decade from now.

A key benefit here is that parents and adults who use their old sports cards as treats for Halloween are helping to educate youngsters about who some of the players were two decades back. They are also broadening the future base of the hobby of sports collectibles.

Anyhow, here you go! And if you want proof that Junk Wax Era cards are still not worth very much, look at the image from the Dallas Card Show that I took below. That is 4 packs for $1.00 — and that’s less than they cost when they were brand new!

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