Which Topps Now Aaron Judge Card is the Best?

Topps Now produces many cards to mark key moments of each season. Some are great cards of great moments. Some are forced issues which will seem to have little notice or care even in a week after the event. And for $9.99 plus tax and shipping, these cards better be great moments that cater to many levels of collectors. Now we have two different Topps Now cards to celebrate Aaron Judge’s 60th homerun in a single season.

The card of the left shows Aaron Judge matching the 60 homers by the legendary Babe Ruth. The second is “60” just of Aaron Judge swinging through for that magic number.

Both cards are $9.99 and the print runs will not be known until after the ordering period ends. Let’s just assume that the numbers will be above average.

And if you go further down, you will see a limited /60 version of the same “60” card that was listed as SOLD OUT despite a $199.99 price tag.

All images via Topps Now.


Aaron Judge - 2022 MLB TOPPS NOW® Card 929 - Collector's Edition # to 60

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