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Will the Ozzy Osbourne CryptoBatz NFTs Fly High?

When you think of vintage hard rock and roll, one of the musical greats that may come to mind (among others) is Ozzy Osbourne. Whether you prefer his days of Black Sabbath or just as Ozzy, being credited with selling 100 million albums should speak volumes whether his music is your cup of tea or not. So what happens when the “Prince of Darkness” is taking another bit at bats in a Web3 effort?

Ozzy Osbourne is launching the ‘CryptoBatz’ non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The CryptoBatz collection is to be made of 9,666 blockchain dwelling bats. They are creatively being creatively directed by Ozzy Osbourne himself and being built by Sutter Systems, which is listed as “a team of NFT obsessed nerds.”

The bats as NFTs can bite an NFT from a different blue chip project to create a ‘Mutantbat” that will share the DNA of both tokens. The bat and the victim must be held in the same wallet after the public minting and the victim projects that can bitten are listed on the site as:


The CryptoBatz story line also outlines the AncientBatz story as well with an interactive map. The dates are all TBD (to be determined) for the mint dates, the cost to mint, if there will be a whitelist and how many CryptoBatz can be minted per wallet.

Until the “TBD” status is finalized there is really nothing more to speculate about. Will they fly high or get squashed like a bug on a windshield?


Cryptobatz Ozzy Osbourne

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