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Will The Walking Dead Zombies NFTs Scare You?

The zombie apocalypse has been raging for years. At least on your television (or maybe the news, too). Now the notorious The Walking Dead series is coming to Web3. Introducing…. The first ever official non-fungible tokens (NFTs) covering The Walking Dead.

The official NFTs drop on OpenSea on March 3, 2022 in a partnership with AMC and Orange Comet. The NFTs are all limited editions on OpenSea and the drop is centered around The Walker Access Pass NFT. According to the release, these will be sold for only a 24-hours period on the OpenSea platform (starting at 12 noon eastern time). The release also indicated that these will not be sold for at least an entire year, and they may never be sold again.

The Walking Dead NFTs

Each NFT features 1 of 10 different zombies (“3D Walkers”) which come with multiple backgrounds and multiple runs. Passholders will be given access to 5 exclusive The Walking Dead drops over the coming year. They will also get access to signed merchandise and VIP experiences that include the series finale party set for later this year. According to the data on

The passes will be cloaked at the time of purchase as each will be randomly minted. For each purchase the grand reveal of all passes will take place two weeks after the close of the drop.

According to Orange Comet, secondary NFT sales may commence immediately upon the minting of your Walker Access Pass. There is also a Phase 2 for the first year and a Phase 3 for the future. Here is the Phase 2 info for at least 5 The Walking Dead NFT drops exclusively for Walker Access Pass holders:

  • Each drop will feature special limited edition NFTs not made available on the general public drops.
  • Pass holders will also be Whitelisted on general public drops and have access to exclusive real-world TWD experiences and merchandise.
  • The Walker Access Pass is a LIFETIME PASS for anyone who holds it.

Phase 3 has less detail, but Orange Comet says:

The Passes will give holders early access to the planned “The Walking Dead virtual universe”, currently slated for the end of 2022. And much more to come!

Also seen on OpenSea NFT notes: