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$1 Million Coin Sales Keep Coming in 2022

Many collectors still love their coins. Numismatics may seem old school to the digital generations, but don’t let that fool you into thinking coins aren’t still big money. In fact, coins are still fetching the $1 million mark in auctions.

Heritage Auctions has already seen two coins fetch $1 million (one over $4 million!) in its August 2022 major coin auctions. And there is still ongoing bidding for other coins.

All images below from Heritage Auctions.

Imagine a U.S. issued gold coin worth $4.4 million. Well, that was the case for Heritage’s Lot 3417,a Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles 1927-D $20 coin graded as MS66 PCGS (PCGS# 9187). The short description is not exactly that short, but is just one of 14 examples traced and from the Dallas Bank Collection and later noted as part of The Bob R. Simpson Collection which took multiple sessions.

And $1,005,000.00 after the buyer’s premium? Heritage’s Lot 3017 of Auction 1348 was a 1793 B-3, C-3, R.3, MS66 Brown PCGS. CAC. Our EAC Grade MS66 (PCGS# 35009).

Half Cents, 1793 B-3, C-3, R.3, MS66 Brown PCGS. CAC. Our EAC Grade MS65.. ...

And almost $1 million… $930,000.00 for lot 3415 of Auction 1348 in the Double Eagles was Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles
1924-S $20 MS67 PCGS…. Maybe next time?

Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles, 1924-S $20 MS67 PCGS....

And to prove the point about condition, year and issuance playing a huge role in values…

A 1920-S $20 MS65 PCGS graded Sain-Gaudens Double Eagle sold for $564,000.00 after the buyer’s premium. And a Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles listed as a 1909-D $20 graded MS66+ PCGS fetched $480,000.00 after Heritage’s premium.

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