Earth-Shattering T206 Auction Prices for Honus Wagner, Error Cards, Complete Set

It’s going to be a big old auction event for T206 card buyers. The auction for Mile High Card Co. is ending this evening and we are already above $2 million for the “Charlie Sheen” version of the T206 Honus Wagner. That one incredibly rare Joe Doyle T206 error card is also now above $450,000 in an unprecedented auction price.

For those who want the whole kit and kaboodle there is an entire T206 set (missing the big 4 of course) that is up for grabs. That is 520 of the 524 cards to make up the complete set with an 4.386 average grade by PSA — and it’s over $265,000! And an “Authentic” T206 PSA A Eddie Plank is now already above $50,000!

Auction items in the top T206 lots are below from Mile High Card Co.