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Why an Original Shelby Cobra May Need Investors Along with Collectors

There are collector cars, and then there are COLLECTOR CARS! Having a replica or rebuilt Shelby Cobra is impressive. Having an authentic Shelby Cobra is ever more impressive. The price tag and some pricing action in recent years is enough to let you know that classic car collectors are also meeting up with and bidding against investors in some of these top auctions.

The final frame’s serial number for an original non replica Shelby Cobra is CSX3660. Demand is high for replica Shelby Cobras that look 1965, but these were constructed as a kit decades later. Collectors Dashboard went on the prowl for sale of original Cobras in the modern car collecting world of 2021.

The DuPont Registry has several Shelby Cobras offered. A 1964 Shelby Cobra 289 for $925,000.00 should stand out heads above a 1965 Shelby Cobra replica for $75,900.00. The descriptions from the listings on the DuPont Registry website lays out what this price will get you.

Model number CSX 2133-Bright Blue was given a very detailed provenance that was first billed in 1963 and it tracks the registry all the way up through the 1980s.

Then there is the 1962 Shelby Cobra 427 Slab Side for $125,000.00. That description was shorter, but it noted:

Bright Silver Metallic, base coat clear coat, Custom interior, Dynamat Insulation, black Wilton wool rugs, Red Merc Benz leather seats, Red Merc Benz leather door pockets, Red Merc Benz leather pull handles, Red Merc Benz leather mats, 302 Stroker motor, 400 + HP, fully dressed as original, Alloy heads, forged crank, forged rods, 5 speed Tremac 600, custom shifter as per OEM, Grab handle, twin mirrors, emblem, heat defrost, fresh air vents, soft top side curtains, stowage pocket behind seat, trunk rugged, spare tire, hold down, fire extinguisher, accessory 12 volt plug under dash.

Collectors Dashboard evaluates high-end collectibles as an alternative asset class. The same capital that could have been invested into stocks or bonds is being used to buy high-end collectibles. True car collectors and hobbyists have a passion to own certain cars for quite a long time. Investors are buying these cars as an asset to sell at a later date for a profit. This keeps collectors and investors in a constant battle for who can win in auctions.

Here are the million dollar Shelby Cobras as sold by Mecum Auctions. I say million dollar club because million dollar cars are subjects that deserve attention. Listed are high prices realized at various car auctions by Mecum over the span of several recent years:

  • 1965 SHELBY 427 COBRA ROADSTER CSX3178, Carroll Shelby’s Personal 427 Cobra sold for $5,940,000 Kissimmee January, 2021
  • 1967 SHELBY 427 S/C COBRA ROADSTER CSX3042, 1 of 29 Produced sold for $2,860,000 at Indianapolis in May, 2019 and the same car then was sold again by Mecum in May, 2021 for $3,300,000 also in Indianapolis.
  • 1967 SHELBY 427 ‘SEMI COMPETITION’ COBRA CSX3045, 1 of 29 Produced sold for $2,860,000 Monterey August, 2021
  • 1966 SHELBY 427 COBRA ROADSTER CSX3173 sold for $2,420,000 Indianapolis May, 2019

Carroll Shelby’s 1965 Shelby 427 Cobra, CSX3178, (shown above) sold at Mecum auctions for $5.4 million. It is deemed to be “the big brother of CSX2000” or the original small-block Cobra, and CSX2000 recently sold for almost $14 million.

Collectors have pursued the finest sports cars produced in the world. Notice the growth between 2019 and 2021. Shelby Cobras have captured collectors’ interests and investors are taking notice as seen through million dollar prices paid for a chance to own an original serial numbered 1960s Shelby Cobra icon. Should you find a Shelby Cobra in a barn be sure to check the serial number to make sure it’s before CSX3660.