Why Invest in Stocks When You Can Invest in Real Dinosaurs?

The worlds of investing and collectibles just are not what they used to be. Rather than buying stocks or bonds, did you know you can invest in real dinosaurs? Well, their fossilized bones anyhow.

Dinosaurs can be found in private collections, museums, and in lavish entryway displays or corporate headquarters. They are the plot of movies and many exist in the collective nightmares of childhood imaginations. In a paradox of time one Megalodon fossil was at the center of a Rally Road investment opportunity. Many other examples of prehistoric alternative assets have been sold outright in recent years.

Collectors Dashboard explored collectibles that are older than time itself.

Rally Road sources, verifies, and acquires the most noteworthy items from collections and individuals around the world. One item they have securitized (equity shares) has a bite that could fit every potential shareholder inside at once. Megalodon has been extinct for more than 3.6 million years according to the item description but 184 teeth with 31 measuring at least six inches tall have been arranged inside a reconstructed resin jaw. The teeth and jaw look fearsome and right out of the mouth of the largest shark to ever live.

Rally Rd. had offered the 8 feet by 9.5 foot reconstruction at a price of $20.00 per share from 30,000 available shares. The market cap was $600,000.00 and the fossil is stored by the company. It turns out that there have been other auctions elsewhere concerning dinosaur skeletons.

Heritage Auctions has recent sales of similar creatures from comparable eras. Here are some:

  • A Dinosaur Skull Triceratops Horridus discovered more than a decade ago sold for $250,950.00 in January 2009 after 2 bids.
  • A theropod dinosaur skull Allosaurus Fragilis sold for $205,000.00 on September 28, 2019 after 2 bids.
  • Dinosaur Skull Triceratops Horridus discovered in 2014 sold for $187,500.00 on November 4, 2017 after 2 bids.
  • T-Rex Dinosaur Tooth sold for $52,500.00 on March 19, 2021 after 10 bids.
  • A duck billed dinosaur leg sold for $40,000.00 on March 19, 2021 after 4 bids.

Dinosaur Skull

(Image courtesy of Heritage Auctions)

Collectors Dashboard evaluates collectibles as an alternative asset class. This means collectibles are attracting the same capital that could have been invested into stocks or bonds. Many collectibles now cost thousands of dollars (or much more). Collectors with a passion to own a collectible for years frequently have to compete directly against investors whose only desire is to make a profit in the future.

The Highest price realized for dinosaur fossils sold by Heritage Auctions was for a set of two different animals thought to have died while fighting and becoming more stuck in mud. The fighting pair Allosaurus vs Stegosaurus sold for $2,748,500 on June 12, 2011 after 3 bids. The pair currently have a make offer to the owner of $4,122,750 or more option to click on.

The most expensive dinosaur ever sold was a T. Rex named Stan. It sold in a Christie’s auction for $31,847,500 on October 8, 2020 and smashed the estimate of $6,000,000 to $8,000,000.

There is also a very interesting backstory behind T-Rex Sue at the Field Museum in Chicago as well. This will make any dino-investor want to have entirely done due diligence and check provenance.

Dinosaurs will continue to be found and existing examples will continue to be sold. What has changed recently is the fractional ownership of one for investors. The highest sale ever was also a new development in collecting. Collectors Dashboard looks forward to watching new prices realized for these million year old collectibles.