This Old Philadelphia Phillies Collection Cannot Be Booed

Philadelphia is supposed to be known as the City of Brotherly Love. The problem is that its sports fans are notorious for booing just about anything and everything. They might even boo Santa Claus delivering their gifts if Santa made a bad play. There is a collection of Philadelphia Phillies sports cards and memorabilia that likely won’t have to worry about being booed — Huggins & Scott Auctions is auctioning off Bill White’s Philadelphia Phillies collection of cards and memorabilia! The number of items is so vast that the auction is being broken up into three parts.

According to a Huggins & Scott release, the incredible collection of Philadelphia Phillies memorabilia belongs to Kennett Square, Pennsylvania resident Bill White. With many great vintage pieces, the auction features many lots that may be truly unique and some of them may belong in the Baseball Hall of Fame:

  • a pair of Baker Bowl stadium seats;
  • an ultra-Rare 1910-1914 Philadelphia Phillies National League B.B.C. pennant;
  • a scarce Grover Cleveland Alexander signed sepia type I Hall of Fame plaque postcard (may be a $100,000 postcard, image below by Huggins & Scott);
  • a 1915 Phillies World Series clincher ticket;
  • and a 1915 World Series press pin.

auto Grover Cleveland Alexander

The online auction ends April 7. This collection from Bill White’s home was above and beyond a man-cave and could have even been a museum based on the size and scarcity of the items. According to the release, the collection encompassed six rooms in his basement and garage from wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling. This is also said to be the first offering of his magnificent collection, and part II will take place in August and part III will take place in November.

Huggins & Scott’s full auction can be found here, and the release said:

Bill White’s decades-long affair with sports collectibles began in 1945, when as a young pre-teenager; he purchased his first packs of baseball gum at a local Philadelphia area store. White was instantly hooked. Several years later, White would send away baseball cards to all of his favorite Phillies players, politely asking them for their autographs to add to his collection. Over the years, White’s collection consisting of baseball cards, autographs and related sports memorabilia emphasizing on his beloved Phillies, grew to epic proportions.

Several other non-Phillies cards and lots are being featured as well and the current bids are sill shown with 2 days and 8 hours until the auction ends:

  • 1952 Topps Baseball #311 Mickey Mantle PSA Good 2 — current bid $37,000.00
  • 1917 E135 Collins-McCarthy #147 Babe Ruth PSA 1 — current bid $30,000.00
  • 10/26/84 Michael Jordan NBA Debut Game Box Office Ticket Stub (PSA EX 5) — current bid $20,250.00